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Welcome to Unlimited Pest Elimination
  1. How do I recognize a carpenter ant?
  2. What can carpenter ants do to my home?
  3. How do carpenter ants get in?
  4. How an Unlimited Pest professional protects your home and property.
  5. Other questions about Carpenter Ants.

How an Unlimited Pest Professional Protects Your Home and Property.

Our treatment program consists of a full evaluation of your home by one of our qualified inspectors. Once our inspector has data about your home regarding construction, existing evidence of Carpenter Ants, moisture conditions, possible entry points, etc., he/she will custom tailor a treatment program for your home. This program usually consists of all or some of the following:

    1. Treating Door Frames and kick plates
    2. Treating in and behind kitchen and bathroom cabinets
    3. Treating areas where decks, patios, or steps butt against the outer siding
    4. Treating porch framing including ceilings and columns
    5. Treating soffits
    6. Treating the exterior
    7. Treating beneath roof shingles and behind rain gutters
    8. Treating the framing of garage doors
    9. Treating pipe chases in the kitchen, baths, laundry room, and basement pluming area
    10. Treating window frames
    11. Treating crawl spaces
    12. Treating inside cavities of infested trees
    13. Treating wall voids
    14. Treating up and under the siding around the house

Our treatment techniques may vary according to the above methods. Our basic mission is to get materials in contact with areas that the Carpenter Ants colonize. This may be done in a variety of ways. Most often our mission is accomplished by drilling small holes in the area to be treated, using special equipment to inject the material, and repairing the drill holes with unfinished wooden dowels. After our initial inspection you will receive a diagram documenting the procedures to be performed.

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