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Welcome to Unlimited Pest Elimination
  1. How do I recognize a carpenter ant?
  2. What can carpenter ants do to my home?
  3. How do carpenter ants get in?
  4. How an Unlimited Pest professional protects your home and property.
  5. Other questions about Carpenter Ants.

Other Questions About Carpenter Ants.

Is the treatment safe?

As with any service that Unlimited Pest offers, safety is our primary concern. All products are registered for use by the EPA and have a long record of use in diverse and sensitive situations. It is however recommended to keep children and pets out of the way during treatment. All material that we use will not harm lawns, trees or shrubs.

How long does the treatment last?

Unlimited Pest guarantees its Carpenter Ant treatments for one year, which includes re-treatment if needed. Materials break down naturally and other uncontrollable factors may contribute to reinfestation. That is why Unlimited Pest will provide our pre-emergent perimeter procedure annually when you renew your Carpenter Ant service agreement. This procedure includes exterior treatment and inspection of your home for your peace of mind. Renew annually to protect your home year after year. After all, your home is probably one of your largest investments. Let Unlimited Pest protect it!!

What happens after treatment?

It does take some time for the treatment to take full-effect. The time will vary among structures, but generally 2-4 weeks.

It is important to remember that you may continue to see Carpenter Ants outside because they can be nesting in trees, wood piles, etc. They will also travel as much as 300 feet from their nest to forage for food. This is not evidence of a reinfestation. However, if you see many Carpenter Ants in your home on a regular basis, you may have a problem and you should call for a supplementary treatment.


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