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Welcome to Unlimited Pest Elimination

For Over 40 Years, Unlimited Pest Elimination has been providing safe and effective pest elimination for Cooperatives, Apartments, Condominiums, Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Manufacturing Facilities, Nursing Homes, Food Processing Plants, Supermarkets, Warehouses and Restaurants.

  • Termite Elimination.
  • Bedbug Elimination.
  • Advance Termite Colony Elimination Systems.
  • Carpenter Ant Elimination.
  • Fruit Fly Elimination.
  • Commercial Consulting & Pest Elimination Program.
  • Commercial & Residential Fogging.
  • Bees, Bat & Bird Elimination.
  • Rodent Elimination.
  • Rodent Proofing.
  • Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPM.
  • Business, Restaurant, Hospital & Manufacturing Specialists.
  • Wood Destroying Pest Inspections & Written Pest Inspection Reports For Real Estate Transactions.
  • Quarterly Home Service.
  • IPM Programs Designed for Schools & Institutions.
  • Total Pest Elimination Programs includes General Pest Elimination Maintenance, Termite Protections, Carpenter Ant Protection & Rodent/Wildlife Protection.
  • Green Pest Elimination includes Elimination of Pests Without the Use of Traditional Pesticides.
  • Mold treatment.
  • We sell, install and maintain Bathroom deodorizer machines.
  • We sell Mintx 45 gal garbage bags 100 pack case. Mintx garbage bags repells rondents and raccoons with a EPA approved mint repellent.
  • Customer account Web access. 24/7 access to your account and see your billing, service reports, schedule of service, chemical usage, history information, labels and MSDS information.

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Techniques minimizes pesticide use and maximizes safety For Home and Business. Included with years of field experience, our employees are highly trained and well educated in entomology. Our Customers Benefit from our Employees ability to diagnose their Problems quickly and to solve them with speed and precision in a safe and effective manner.

So give us a call and we will inspect your establishment and give a free price quote.

We invite you to click around our Web Site and allow us to answer all of your Pest Elimination questions.

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