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Welcome to Unlimited Pest Elimination

Request a Free Price Quote and Inspection for your Business
Our Commercial Pest Elimination Formula consists of 7 Key Ingredients for giving your facility a total Pest Free Environment.

Our highly trained and seasoned professionals will inspect your facility from top to bottom identifying key harborage areas, resources areas, sanitation problems, possible re-infestation sources, health concerns of any sensitive occupants.

After an initial inspection has been completed, a comprehensive pest elimination program is devised for the site. The treatment program developed for the site using EPA registered pesticides in the most effective and appropriate formulations dictated by our IPM inspection and diagnostic. These applications may include baits, traps, crack and crevice procedures, flushing agents, Insect Growth Regulators (IGR’s) and residual treatments. The number and type of monitoring stations are determined as well as the intervals for checking the stations for pest activity. Recommendations for the elimination of resources are determined.

Education is one of the most important ingredients of our formula. We educate our Customers on where the source of pests originate from such as vendors, improper sanitation and structural deficiencies in their facility. Meetings with Housekeeping Personnel and Site Managers can be arranged in order to make recommendations.

Initial treatments are made according to the custom pest treatment developed for your facility based on the diagnostic that was formulated above.

Severe infestations will require one or more consecutive treatments and then your facitily will go on a custom developed service plan that will provide total pest elimination .

We treat with the latest pest elimination technology and techniques that the Industry offers. Advanced gel baits and soft rodent baits and growth regulator application.

Quality Assurance
As an added extra protection our technicians install monitoring devices that pinpoint re-infestation in your facility that will be eradicated promptly. Every application is documented and kept in a comprehensive site history file. Our Customer Service Team is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day to address any and all questions and problems that you have.

Service Custom Made for Commercial Facilities

  • Computerized Scheduled Services
  • Experts in USDA and FDA Facilities
  • Free Inspection and Price Quote
  • Leading Pest Elimination Specialists in Business and Industry

Why Use Unlimited Pest Elimination?

  • Over 40 Years of Superior Performance in the Pest Elimination Industry
  • A Leader in Pest Elimination Techniques and Technology
  • A Full Service Company
  • Our Mission is to Eliminate the Problem Not Just Control the Problem
  • Safety is Primary Concern and we only use EPA registered Pesticides that have a Long Record of safe use in diverse sensitive situations.
  • Government Regulations, We will help you meet industry controls, safety standards, notification requirements, OSHA Laws and Board of Health Laws.
  • Our entire Professional Staff are fully trained and certified by the highest standards in the industry.
  • Customer account Web access. 24/7 access to your account and see your billing, service reports, schedule of service, chemical usage, history information, labels and MSDS information.

To Request an Inspection of your Facility call 800-544-PEST(7378)

  • Restaurant & Hotels
  • Buildings & Apartment Complexes
  • Medical Facilities & Nursing Homes

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