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Welcome to Unlimited Pest Elimination
    How a Professional Protects your Home and Property.

  1. How do I know if I have termites?
  2. What can termites do to my home?
  3. How do termites get in?
  4. How a Unlimited Pest professional protects your home and property.
  5. What you'll see us do as we treat your home.
  6. Make your home a fortress against termites.

How does a Unlimited Pest professional termite inspection finds termite activity that's invisible to me?

While much termite damage is hidden, termites have few secrets to the eyes of a Unlimited Pest Professional. He knows the conditions termites favor, and how to find termite activity which the untrained eye might pass over - with damaging results.

What will Unlimited Pest Elimination do to eliminate my termite problem?

We will Create an invisible chemical barrier between your home and the termites, when termites pass though the barrier they will be effected with the chemical and bring it back with them to the termite colony which will destory it.Treatment begins with a thorough inspection. Then, an analysis of your home and property is prepared. Finally, applying materials to effectively eliminate termites.

How will Unlimited pest Elimination achieve this invisible barrier?

Methods vary with each house, depending on the type of foundation, crawl space or basement, construction chimneys, etc. By digging narrow trenches or rodding along walls and drilling through horizontal surfaces and into voids, materials can be applied where they will kill termites within your home and prevent the colony's reentry.

Won't this kind of thorough treatment be a lot of trouble?

No. With Unlimited Pest's new termite Elimination technology. Treatment will usually take a single day, or less, with very little upset to your daily routine. And, considering the fact that a home is the largest single investment most American families will ever make, protecting its value is not much trouble at all.

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