Protecting Structures With Our Termite Infestation Treatments in New York City

Termites demand more attention than any insect pest. Unlimited Pest specialists are knowledgeable in the proper and safe use of pesticides, termite biology and behavior, and the use and maintenance of equipment. Our technicians always use considerable judgment in performing every job. See how effective our termite infestation treatments in New York City and New Jersey are; contact us.

About Termites and Our Treatments

1. How do you know if you have termites?

Get a pest sample and look for the following characteristics:


  • Elbowed Antennae
  • Three Distinct Body Segments With a Slim "Waist"
  • Has Front Wings That Are Longer Than Back Ones
  • Various Sizes


  • Straight Antennae
  • No "Waistline"
  • Wings That Are Long and of Equal Length
  • Usually Only About 1/8 Inch in Length
2. What can termites do to your home?

2.1 How to save your home and budget from being eaten full of holes?

Termites feed on wood. They eat fallen logs and stumps off the forest floor in their natural state. However, on properties, they can eat away the equity you have built up for your establishment and home. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), termites infest millions of homes nationwide, causing billions of dollars in damage annually. Save your home and money by calling Unlimited Pest.

3. How do termites get in?

Termites need moisture and have a low tolerance to light and air. They live underground, attacking homes from below. They only need a small space around a drainpipe, loose mortar joint, or settlement crack in the basement to enter your building.

4. How can Unlimited Pest technicians protect your home and property?

4.1. How does an Unlimited Pest professional termite inspection find termite activity you are unaware of?

While much of termite damage is hidden, termites have few secrets to the eyes of Unlimited Pest professionals. Our technicians know the conditions they favor and how to find activities untrained eyes may not notice.

What will Unlimited Pest do to eliminate my termite problem?

Our team will create an invisible chemical barrier between your house and the termites by applying chemicals that will affect them as they pass through the barrier. They’ll also carry the chemical back to the termite colony, destroying it.

The treatment starts with a thorough inspection. Afterward, we will prepare an analysis of your home and property. Finally, we will apply materials to eliminate termites effectively.

4.3. How will Unlimited Pest achieve this invisible barrier?

We use different methods in each house, depending on the type of foundation, presence of construction chimneys, crawl space, or basement. We can apply materials by rodding along the walls, drilling through horizontal surfaces and into voids, or digging narrow trenches. The materials we use will kill termites and prevent their colony’s reentry.

4.4. Won’t this kind of thorough treatment be troublesome?

No, because we use new termite elimination technology. Our treatments usually take a single day or less, so they will not affect your daily routine. Additionally, since a home is the largest single investment most families in America will ever make, protecting its value is not much trouble.

5. What will you see us do as we treat your home?
Treatment Illustration 1
  • We will perform the first basic step, the rod or trench treatment that targets your building's outside foundation.
Treatment Illustration 2
  • We will trench and treat the inside crawl space foundation wall. This is necessary for houses with a crawl space or a basement with a dirt floor.
Treatment Illustration 3
  • Our technician will treat the soil under the crawl space. For limited spaces, we drill small holes in the outer concrete wall surrounding the crawl space.
Treatment Illustration 4
  • We will treat the underside of flower boxes and other parts of the building that protrude from the main structure.
Treatment Illustration 5
  • We will treat the soil in bath traps and cut access panels.
Treatment Illustration 6
  • We will treat the areas behind the brick veneer.
Treatment Illustration 7
  • We will treat the spaces around the chimney.
Treatment Illustration 8
  • We will treat hollow blocks.
Treatment Illustration 9
  • We will treat cracks, expansion joints, and voids under your basement floor or slab.
Treatment Illustration 10
  • We will treat the areas near ducts in your slab.
Treatment Illustration 11
  • We will treat the areas where pipes and utility lines penetrate your building's slab or basement floor.
Treatment Illustration 12
  • We will treat through the holes drilled around the perimeter of your slab.
Treatment Illustration 13
  • We will treat the soil beneath your porch or deck.
Treatment Illustration 14
  • We will treat areas between your steps and house.
Treatment Illustration 15
  • We will drill and inject brick piers.
6. How can you make your home a fortress against termites?

Unlimited Pest’s termite treatment creates an invisible underground barrier that prevents termite entry. Our methods create treatment zones that prevent future infestations. With the latest information and equipment, our services will cause less disruption to your home. We will also provide annual inspections to safeguard your home as long as you keep your coverage in effect.

Our services can give you peace of mind knowing your home investment has been professionally treated. Your home is your castle; make it a fortress against termites, as well.